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“We create brand experiences that

permeates People’s Mind through the sense”

Headquartered in New York and Santo Domingo with domestic presence we create products and experiences beyond the traditional boundaries of design, financials, architecture and arts.


We offer a unique fresh  strategic design approach and vision to businesses led by our creative head Malena Cejas Gandur. We use latest state of the art design technology. Benefit from our marketing tools and experience.

Multi-Sensorial Design experiences

paired with strategic custom design marketing concepts.


Not only by designing magnificent brands, or fascinating products, we can transform your commercial vision into your unique strategic design vision. Inara Design Agency helps you do that, together with a multidisciplinary team. 


Our mission is to be a leading company in unconventional design, admired and loved by our collaborators, clients and society in general.


We create unmatched experiences for boutique brands or large corporations by generating a unique bond with our clients based on high levels of design quality.

Our services

We are a multidisciplinary team that values art, functionality and efficiency. We combine a dose of intuition, intelligence and creativity to bring brands to life through great design to engage, and emotionally connect with people.


Brands development / Brand equity

We help our clients to bring their brands a holistic look and feel, through consistency among their business, its strategy, and all its individual visual elements, considering their organic growth over time. We create the visual elements that will be the intangible assets of their business and to build strong brand identities. 


Products design / Private Labels

We help you  during the entire process of  conception, creation, and manufacturing of your products, with our team of specialist we help your brand to bring to the market products that solve users problems, addressing specific needs of a market. We understand the end-user/customer, and the need to increase the return of the investment. 


Aircraft livery / Interior design

We provide livery design for the aeronautical industry with unique, modern and vanguardist designs that will make your brand stand out.  

Art Direction

We bring clarity to your work; helping you to convey your message to the targeted audience.

We combine art and design to provoke specific reaction in the consumers.

our efficient conceptional and strategic design approach was created to elevate your brand, enhance your business portofolio and to provide your clients and business partners with an ultimate multi sensorial design experience.  


Packaging & Products


Livery Design


Perfume design
Flavor design

Websites & E-commerce