We are a multidisciplinary team that values art and functionality, we combine a dose of intuition, intelligence and creativity to bring brands to life through great design to engage and emotionally connect with people.

Based in New York and Santo Domingo we create products and experiences beyond the traditional boundaries of design, financials, architecture and arts.

Through art and science, with a multisensory mix, we involve all the senses in an integral way in the design process, we create brand identities that increase the customer experience, multiplying the audience's commitment.

We develop brands, products and hospitality spaces applying techniques from a variety of disciplines, we analyze every client’s need and give careful consideration to each one of them. 

In a world regulated by results, with each design we seek to create astonishment in the viewer, always taking into account the performance and functionality in the final work.


Consumers want an emotional connection with brands and live a unique and memorable experience. Multisensory marketing stimulates the interaction with the consumer in a completely new way, providing a more emotional brand experience, with our experts, we create those experiences for you

We analyze your investment idea and property to fully understand your thoughts and objectives. Then we plan, design and bring to life your dream. Our service includes: Design, Planning & Construction, Operations Set Up and Marketing & Management

We research and explore to give your brand a memorable and unique style. From graphic design and photography to copywriting and brand guidelines, we take care of your dream like if it were ours. 

Connect with your customers through the sense of smell, we create evocative aromas and pleasant sensations that invite them your audiance to engage with your brand.

We create beautiful and relevant content that is not storytelling, but instead will tell your story well. 

Nowadays, a good presence on social media is practically mandatory for businesses that want to stay relevant and connected to their customers or potential customers. We design as well brand experiences aimed to create an authentic and real time communication that engages our client’s target. 

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Our approach is to always work from the inside out.  As business owners, we understand founders of various industries, be it Cosmetics, Fashion or Hospitality brands and the need to produce products that are cost efficient and compleing. We know what it takes to manufacture, to ship, to market and what it means to become embedded in the daily lives of your clients.

Living a life without purpose is a journey without a destination, and finding the right direction in life is an existential and distressing problem ... Fyodor Dostoyevsky once said: "The mystery of human existence is not just about staying alive but in finding something to live for. "


Our consultation package has been designed to assist you on the journey of discovery of purpose and how to take it to the material world and earn a living with it.


Our program has been designed for creative entrepreneurs, artists, people in the tourism and wellness industry, or creators who want to build a business that is satisfying and rewarding.


We will initiate a dialogue to define the purpose, mission, vision, objectives, values, target market, and competitive advantage.

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