The art of sense 

Discover our collection of books and experience our innovative workshops combining the magic of perfumery, flavor, fine arts and philosophy, to lift the veil of your sensory perception.

A philosophical musings  space and the poetic metaphor of life as magic..

You will never perceive the world the same way again.

Tales of the Sea was a project born during a very painful time, after loosing our beautiful 7,5 baby boy under very tragic circumstances. 

 We want to help families that go through dead and grief and help them with the practical details such as consulting, burial, and financials..

With your help we will create a Foundation for families who suffered the lost of still born babies, and new borns, creating awareness programs on grief, and how to handle it with the help of therapists. With your help we can make bring light to the world. 

Art experiences


New York - Santo Domingo - New Dehli