Space and Brand Development 

Where: Bavaro

When: 2019

Agency: Delac

Who: Malena Cejas

The Project:

Bucéfalo is an adults only Hotel filed with local art pieces.

The hotel has been conceived as a meeting space for couples of all kinds, international travelers and a refuge for lone travelers who are discovering the north of Argentina. 

Adapting the original concept to the demand of a new market, the hotel changed to a multisensorial oriented space, introducing a new range of experiences beside the traditional hospitality products, recreational spaces for workshops and events are being added.

The space is the host to different events of art, culture and well-being in which it is proposed to experiment from other perspectives. For this a range of scents, flavors and promotional products had been developed.

For this client we developed the entire Brand, concept and colaborated in the operations set up. 


New York - Santo Domingo - New Dehli