Akhbarat Civitas
City Concept

Where: Arab Emirates

When: Early 2022

Agency: Delac

Who: Malena Cejas

The Project:

Akhbarat Civitas is a private city development, the city will be developed in 7,000,000 m2. The project has been conceived as destination for creatives around the globe, designed as the most luxurious Middle Easts Cultural Hub, where traditions and vanguard meet creating a groundbreaking design, reshaping the meaning of travel destination. 

In collaboration with the developers our team of experts brought together unique vision that will be released in full early 2022.

As part of the project, each sector of the city has its own olfactory identity. The challenge was to create scents that where appealing to all visitors keeping its authenticity. 

To make hospitality projects more efficient, most of the times, the small everyday details and daily rituals are overviewed to give the place a certain "International standard". Our proposal was to bring together architecture, comfort, local culture, botanical history and culinary richness into a comprehensive authentic set of multisensorial products and experiences.

We designed experiences that highlight the most beautiful cultural elements, such as " The richness of the desert" Botanical History and Oud Creation a workshop where we explore local flora and ancient perfume making. 

Being such a complex its important to keep ideas fresh and novelty thinking with a serie of creative workshops for the designers team 


New York - Santo Domingo 

New York - Santo Domingo