Chocolates de Josefina 
Product Formulation and Brand Development

Where: Barcelona

When: 2018

Agency: Delac

Who: Angeles Gonzalez

Client's Brief:

Silent delight, I immerse myself in the creaminess of your spirit

I close my eyes listening to your peaceful song


Tell me what nectars your character feeds on

Tell me what name you want me to call you.


Black beauty of refined features

You have my soul awake with the taste of you.


You are not forbidden, you are not illegal

I can satisfy myself with your ecstatic sweetness.


Delight brunette you gratify my soul

I close my eyes and enjoy your body.

Los chocolates de Josefina are a new proposal in the Caribbean gourmand landscape. The brand wanted to create an identity that went beyond the visuals and tradicional flavor, starting with the most amazing fair trade organic ingredients, they wanted to incorporate a sense of wellbeing at the moment the clients got in contact with the product incorporating into the formulation vanguard aromatic elements .

We approached the design a very minimalistic way, to let the ingredients and scents of the chocolate take over without visual distraction wile we incorporated a custom blend of natural flavors

The truffle's chocolate infused with original edible scented ingredients creating a surprise element in the consumer.



New York - Santo Domingo 

New York - Santo Domingo