The Alchemy of Splendorousness
Retreat Design for By Maria Magdalena

Where: Punta Cana

When: 2018

Agency: Delac

Who: Malena Cejas

The Project:

Design is increasingly focused on including the five senses of the human being in consumer behavior, there are various research that raise the experiential paradigm in which it is pointed out that multisensory stimuli intensify experiences. Previously, it was promoted without only meaning, for example, visuals for print media, specifically flavors in the gourmet industry, etc.


What is now proposed a holistic approach to life and products, in which sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch complement each other. From this, effective design, branding and communication strategies can be developed that are applicable to the different areas of life.

For this we designed a serie of retreats for the brand By Maria Magdalena , where the goal is to educate the consumer and awaken the awareness of the present through the most amazing experiences.


New York - Santo Domingo 

New York - Santo Domingo