Living a life without purpose is a journey without a destination, and finding the right direction in life is an existential and distressing problem ... Fyodor Dostoyevsky once said: "The mystery of human existence is not just about staying alive but in finding something to live for. "


Our consultation package has been designed to assist you on the journey of discovery of purpose and how to take it to the material world and earn a living with it.


Our program has been designed for creative entrepreneurs, artists, people in the tourism and wellness industry, or creators who want to build a business that is satisfying and rewarding.


We will initiate a dialogue to define the purpose, mission, vision, objectives, values, target market, and competitive advantage.


This package includes 2 phone consultations via whatsapp or messenger, a questionary, and 1 follow up email. 

Clarifying your Purpose, Vision and Mission.



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