We offer a very tailored solution for brands and entrepreneurs creating responsive sites, for e-commerce, creative’s portfolio, cooperatives and for Hospitality industry with incorporated booking system. Please contact us for the price update on hospitality sites. 

How it works? 2-3 days after your purchase I will send you the following info to be filled by you. 

- 1 phone consultation
- 1 questionary 
- 1 Website map and brief description of desired layout, sections, and products description. We include the set up of 5 products. 
- Brand description discussion of the original concept and suggestions.
- We will request you Photos in High resolution, arts, and all graphics that you want us to include in your site. 

After reviewing all your content and I will send you back the following info where you will chose the options, it takes approximately 5 days, our team lives in different time zones :) 3 days later a first draft of your site will be finished and then we will: 

Review the Color Pallet & fonts
Review of graphics
Review the Color Pallet & fonts
Review of functionality 
We will adjust it upon your suggestions and once we have your final approval, site will be published with your info.

We include in this package:

Design of Custom Pages including:
- Home
- About
- Info (services, pricing or faq, etc)
- Contact
- Mobile Responsive
- Responsive Social icons 
- Slideshows, galleries or portfolio 
- Login and management panel to manage your site when we’re done

Mobile Website



    New York - Santo Domingo 

    New York - Santo Domingo