1. ALL DESIGN ARE INTELECTUAL PROPERTY OF INARA DESIGN AGENCY, AND ANY ISSUAGE OF any sales or reworking on previews Inara Design Agency's signatures, pre-made designs or Ready to use Collection by any other client, all third parties shall be subject to prior written consent of Inara Design Agency.

  2. All our projects need to be paid 100% in advance. And in the case we extend the clients with multiple payments facilities, we require the 100% of the work is done before delivery of any of our ready made products,  custom designed, and our Ready-to-use projects.

  3. All the files given to our clients, shall be only used in our client's designated enterprises, this shall include tangibles and intangibles. 

  4. You will book an appointment so we can evaluate the acceptance of your project. After receiving your projects we will have a zoom call with one of our executive team members, to discuss the scope of work, and exchange information of your project.

  5. We will develop your material and discuss it on WhatsApp when appointed subject to our disposability, WhatsApp its not a formal medium of communication.

  6. 3 complimentary zoom calls are granted, and what ever communication exceeds that time  a us$50 x hour fee will apply to further communications. We are delighted to provide you with an agreed number of reviews, as listed in our listings and website. Extra reviews are subject of an extra charge. 

  7. We will request the confirmation of your acceptance in order to send you an email with Annexes of digital files, they might be sent separately due to the High volume of information. We will include simple images formats such as Pdf, jpg or png, and an original technical file identical to the images and documents mentioned above will be sent.

  8. For technical applications and programs you need to download them correspondingly into your devices. 

  9. This Licenses might require extra fee. This fees are not the responsibility of our company and we will not provide such programs free of charge to our clients unless it has been required as a service and we had agreed to it as a custom complimentary service.  All third party memberships are your responsibility. 

  10. You need to keep all files in a safe storage and we recommend a periodical backup, its not our responsibility to keep the originals on file, unless the clients has required that specific service. 

  11. In the case the original editable file has been lost, and the client requires us to recreate the file, a fee will be applied calculated in the number of hrs. the project will demand, our availability and the requirement of specialized consultants, a quote will be send accordingly.

  12. The original documents are meant to be used in all technical and manufacturing practice with responsibility and protection of the integrity of all parties.

  13. In a world full of fonts programs and ideas, system to systems, and updates to updates we can experience and changes in the files, for this reason we give our clients always the referral name of the source so they can adjust their own devices, communication channels, tangible or intangible products and services,.    

  14. We serve large corporations and small business owners around the globe. Many times we have mistranslations for the so many cultures and we like to solve our client's challenges in the way up to entrepreneurship. Thats why we always require your patients when it comes to language translation and written information. 

  15. We are not responsables for our client's tasks proper of their business such as suppliers, communications or any different task related to the the services we provided, unless they have hired us for such matters, this are just simple courtesies communications and is the client’s responsibility to arrange deals with ny third party. 

  16. Our suggestions of suppliers are based on our own experiences and that doesn't warranty that they will give you the same service. We always suggest you to make a sample purchase to ensure the product is of your liking. 

  17. As part of our company's aim for transparency we don't take referrals fees from small run suppliers or makers, means specialty artisans that produce quantities bellow 1000 of each kind without large set up fees above us%50, but we do have partnerships with large world wide distribution channels that have special referral and commissions programs. 

  18.  Our artistic work and is subjective, our client hires us because they know our background and feel familiar with our aesthetics, on past projects. 

  19. To conceptualize our work we use a wide resource library that has been developed through a work of detailed process of synergies between medium of diverse kind, tangible and intangible.

  20. Before sending the final and documents we will kindly ask to request such files by email, with the understanding you have been shown in zoom screen share the drafts.

  21. Photos and images might be subject to artist’s rights and are for inspiration only, and cannot be used with commercial purpose without the original authors permit, unless is a free stock source.

  22. Please visit my Pinterest account to find the source of the material used. 

  23. https://www.pinterest.com/cejas2688/_saved/

  24. We thank you for your business. 

  25. We like to think we are your companies for this amazing challenging wonderful life, and hope to be the keep going, you are almost there little voice in your ears sometimes when you want to give up.

  26.  Our business has growth to this point thanks to our client’s referral and we accept sometimes we don't advertise as much because we have a solid returning clientele. We like to send a 5% gratitude commission for all the new clients you send to us, amount that can be cashed out or used in future projects.



Wishing you abundance and good luck. May all the blessings be with you and lets change the world in the human's happy revolution. 

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